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Education and Outreach are integral to the International Polar Year 2007-8. Teachers and students have the opportunity to experience authentic science in real time. We encourage everyone to get involved in this huge, exciting scientific collaboration by visiting exhibitions, teaching and learning about the polar regions, watching films and documentaries, reading books, going on expeditions, and contacting scientists while in the field.

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For further information about IPY education activities, please see the Polar Outreach Catalogue on the APECS website.

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International Polar Days: lots of resources and multi-lingual activities around a polar theme. Get Involved!
Polar Resource Book: Polar Science and Global Climate
Polar Classroom Activities
Videos of IPY Presentations
Polar Books
Classroom Posters
Opportunities for Teachers and Students
IPY honeycomb chart
USGS Polar Science Educational Resources
IPY Discussion Groups
IPY Blogs by Polar Teachers

Background Material:

IPY Brochure: a colourful hand-out about IPY for a general audience.
IPY Science Summary: Brief overview of IPY science and activities.
Frequently Asked Questions
Polar image libraries
IPY Scope of Science: an in-depth account of the breadth, variety, complexity and urgency of polar research at the start of IPY.
IPY Chapter in EcoScience: One of these chapters focusses specifically on IPY and contains a good overview for teachers and students.

Recommended Educational Websites

We believe that (1) less is more; (2) teachers are busy; (3) good resources can be used for all ages.
We therefore provide here a few, selected, teacher-tested, resources ..loosely sorted by preparation time. You can also search by key-word in the above box. Please comment at the end of each resource on whether it was useful to you.
(There are thousands of polar educational resources available that you can find in digital libraries, like DLESE. )

Short lead timeShort Lead Time

Resources and activities you can use in class today.

Average lead timeAverage Lead Time

Resources and activities requiring some preparation time.

Long lead timeLong Lead Time

Resources requiring teacher preparation, special training, much higher level applications of data, or long periods of class time to use effectively.

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