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There are thousands of participants in IPY: from scientists and programme coordinators, to teachers and artists helping to bring the poles to the public. This page lists information of particular interest for IPY researchers and organisers.

For project details, please visit the projects page on this site or search the complete project database.

Want to be a participant? See Get Involved.

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IPY Planning,- 2008 and Beyond
Satellite Data for IPY Researchers
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IPY Data and Information Service
IPY Data Policy
IPY Scholarly Publications Policy
Ethical Principles for the conduct of IPY 2007-2008 research
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Logo and Branding Policy
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IPY Framework document

In order to meet it's objectives of interdisciplinary and international collaboration and to ensure a lasting legacy, IPY is committed to ensuring full, free, and open access to IPY data as described in the IPY Data Policy. For more information on IPY data management, please refer to the IPY Data and Information Service.

As requested by the IPY Data Policy, please report all of your project's publications to the IPY Publications Database. For more information, please see the IPY Scholarly Publications Policy.

Education and Outreach
There are many ways you and your project members can get involved in Education and Outreach, such as contributing to IPY Blogs, working with local schools and science centres, or doing media interviews.

Early Career Researchers
IPY is committed to supporting the next generation of scientists. Register with APECS, the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists to make new contacts, look for jobs, and discover polar opportunities.

Please visit the Arctic Ship Coordination Site to register your ship's details or search the database.

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