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The International Polar Year is a huge, interdisciplinary research programme focussing on the polar regions from March 2007 - March 2009. News stories will emerge of scientists from 63 different nations as they explore icy frontiers, undergo extreme conditions, learn new and exciting details about the earth system and monitor how the poles are changing. IPY also has a strong involvement by people who live in the polar regions, and on education and outreach. This is a great opportunity to raise public awareness of the polar regions, and share science and human-interest stories directly relevant to you, and your audience.

Download these IPY Press Materials.

Our links and resources section also lists national press officers and sources of polar images and multimedia.

This IPY Launch Page describes events that occurred around the world on March 1st, 2007. Details of IPY Celebrations in Geneva on February 25th, 2009, is available here.

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