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Contributors: McMurdo Sound Winter Sea Ice

Winter sea ice growth processes in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica

During the southern winter of 2009 (February-October) we will carry out an extensive program of sea ice and ocean measurements in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica. This is a collaborative project between the University of Otago, NIWA, IRL and VUW. Our research is aimed at understanding the interaction between the Ross Ice Shelf and the ocean and the effect this interaction has on the growth of the sea ice. We will be based at Scott Base (NZ), but we will also establish a research camp on the sea ice from where we will carry out most of our fieldwork.

The winter-over science team consists of Dr. Andy Mahoney and Alex Gough from the University of Otago and Brian Staite from Antartcica New Zealand. Andy is a postdoctoral fellow who is more used to studying sea ice in the Arctic. Alex is a PhD student who has already spent two winters on the ice with the British Antarctic Survey. Brian is an old hand in the Antarctic and will focus on keeping us safe so we can maintain the blog. This work is part of the IPY Antarctic Sea Ice project, which is an international effort to increase our understanding of sea ice and the processes that influence the changes we have been seeing in the recent past.

In addition to maintaining this blog, we will be posting data and results on the University of Otago Sea Ice Group pages

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