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2008 LASHIPA Workshop

April 28-May 1, 2008
Houghton, Michigan USA

This is the first announcement for the 2008 Workshop of the LASHIPA (Large-scale historical exploitation of Polar Areas) group. An international organization centered around the historical and archaeological study of industrialization in Polar Areas, the LASHIPA group has cooperated successfully on several seasons of research and teaching based in fieldwork on Svalbard (see for details). LASHIPA members have garnered research funding from several national agencies and continue to pursue support for joint efforts during the next two years, at minimum. LASHIPA has been officially sanctioned as an IPY research activity, with explicit attention to international cooperation and interaction.

Our efforts to date have focused primarily on historic whaling and mining on Svalbard, but we also plan to expand efforts to the South Pole, with additional projects focused on whaling and seal hunting beginning in the next year.

This year

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Patrick Martin, Feb 29th, 2008:

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Note that the weblink in the announcement is incorrect; it should read http:,,

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