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Tangaroa CAML expedition: Departure!

Research Vessel Tangaroa. Photo NIWA

January 30, 2008:

Today the Tangaroa, New-Zealand’s Antarctic research vessel, departed from Wellington and is heading due south to undertake the New Zealand IPY-CAML project.

New Zealand is conducting a major biological survey of the Ross Sea, in the Antarctic, as part of the Census of Antarctic Marine Life (CAML) and International Polar Year (IPY). Forty four people including 24 scientists and 18 crew will take part in an eight-week voyage aboard RV Tangaroa from January 30th to mid March 2008.

The data collected will provide baseline information from the Southern Ocean and Ross Sea environment that can be used to help monitor the effects of climate change in the Ross Sea region. With a biodiversity focus, the voyage will collect samples of living material from the sea surface to the sea floor, from microscopic to mega-size across a wide range of environmental and geographic gradients. This includes collecting biological samples and capturing images of the sea floor down to depths of 4000m, in unexplored areas. The results will feed into New Zealand

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