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Above The Poles: Polar Atmosphere

Atmospheric Studies help us understand chemical and physical processes occurring above the Polar Regions. Meteorological studies help us understand how these processes interconnect with the rest of the planet, and polar observations are critical for our understanding of global weather patterns and climate.  This page gives an overview of the Polar Atmosphere and Weather.

imageNSF image: polar stratospheric clouds

Polar Atmosphere

The study of the atmosphere above the poles is crucial to our understanding of the climate and weather systems. The transport of pollutants from industrial areas of the northern hemisphere pollute the Arctic leading to the so-called Arctic haze, affecting the health of wildlife and local people. Unique weather conditions isolate the Antarctic atmosphere from that of the rest of the globe and the low temperatures create the conditions necessary for the complete depletion of stratospheric ozone every spring. Other phenomena such as noctiluscent clouds and the aurora make the study of the polar atmosphere quite fascinating.

Scientists from around the world have been involved in projects during the IPY to help further understand the processes occurring in this unique environment. Below are some examples of atmospheric research occurring in IPY. You can also ask questions directly to atmospheric scientists Eric Wolff and Helen Atkinson in the Above The Poles Live Events on December 4th, 2008.