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Above The Poles: Meet The Scientists

Profiles of people around the world involved in IPY research Above The Polar Regions.
Several of these polar experts will be participating in the Above The Poles Live Events, so join in and ask them questions!

Dr. Kenneth Jezek - Observing the Poles from Space

imageKenneth Jezek is a Professor at the Byrd Polar Research Center, School of Earth Sciences of The Ohio State University.  He began doing Antarctic research in 1973 when he manned the cosmic ray laboratory located at McMurdo Station.  Later his interests turned to remote sensing of ice sheets and sea ice.  In 1997 he lead the Radarsat Antarctic Mapping Project which resulted in the first, high resolution radar map of the southern continent.  More recently, he has worked on innovative technologies used for creating three-dimensional images of the land buried beneath the polar ice sheets.  Ken is a co-leader on the GIIPSY project which aims to assemble legacy data sets during the International Polar Year using the international constellation of Earth observing satellites.

His research is summarized here

Tamsin Gray