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Antarctic Sea Ice Workshop on “2007 IPY Cruises”: 22-24 March 2009

Under the auspices of the SCAR project Antarctic Sea Ice Processes and Climate (ASPeCt) and the Antarctic Sea Ice in IPY project for International Polar Year, we are holding a workshop on 22-24 March 2009 in Il Ciocco, Lucca, Italy.

The main purpose of the workshop is to review and establish joint data analyses from two late-winter cruises to the Antarctic Sea Ice Zone both made during Sept-Oct 2007. An extensive satellite remote sensing campaign with designated IceSAT altimetry, RadarSAT images, and EnviSAT ASAR images coincided with the surface measurements. SIMBA (Sea Ice Mass Balance in the Antarctic) activities along 90W longitude in the Bellingshausen Sea are summarized here, while SIPEX (Sea Ice Physics and Ecosystem eXperiment) activities in the 90-135E longitudes off East Antarctica are given here.

The workshop however, is open to all and may present opportunities for interaction between those participants and interested members of the remote sensing and modeling communities, and from other cruises to the Antarctic sea ice during the IPY period such as conducted by the icebreaker Oden, and the national programs of e.g. Australia, Japan, USA and any others.

Many of the workshop participants will be attending the Gordon Research Conference on Polar Marine Science, held the preceding week (15-20 March 09) at the same location, Il Ciocco, as the Workshop. Information on that meeting is at, 2009 Conferences, Polar Marine Science. The workshop, however, is not connected to the GRC organization, so attendees can come to the workshop only, if they wish.

If you are interested in attending (Yes or Maybe), please send an email to the following people:
Steve Ackley: and
Klaus Meiners:

The cost will be Euro 144 per night (single occupancy) or Euro 104 per night (double occupancy), and covers accommodation, meals, coffee breaks etc. for both days.

There will be no additional registration fee to attend the workshop.

Each participant will be responsible for making their own travel arrangements, AND THEIR OWN BOOKING AT THE HOTEL IN ITALY. When it is time to book the hotel you should contact Mr Gianpaolo Lucchesi via email: and state you are attending the

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