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Antarctic Tourism: At the limit?


Antarctica receives almost 50,000 visitors a year, if you count both those who disembark and those who sail or over fly the continent without landing. Is it now for the Antarctic Treaty or the governments involved to regulate Antarctic Tourism? Should we start talking about quotas and/or other measures to protect the most pristine region in the world?

Photographer, cruise manager and guide Juan Kratzmaier summarizes a conference talk he gave on the topic at the Institute of Marine Sciences in Barcelona for the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) in February 2008.

You can download the article in Spanish here (PDF, 132KB) and in English here (PDF, 190KB)

Photo credit: Juan Kratzmaier

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Katarina, Apr 4th, 2008:

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I had read that various countries are claiming portions of Antarctica as their own territories. Antarctica’s location can be very strategic. How will its land be divided, or should it be an internationally free space?

, Apr 7th, 2008:

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Antarctica should be an international free space...of course. But against this good feeling all the countries say they have, each country (many of them thousands of kilometres from the Antarctic territory) have maps that shows a “slice” of Antarctica as their own territory; even overlapping the slices of other countries. It is sad to me but I am very pessimist about the future of the white continent. Now a days there are several studies about natural resources waiting for the correct political solution that permit the countries to start the exploitation of them.
I hope we can stop this situation, but I don’t think it will be for ever.

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