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Book Launch: On Site with Maurice Haycock, Artist of the Arctic

By Linda Mackey — Announcing the upcoming launch of a new book by an amazing artist/scientist whose life embraced most of the 20th century.

Maurice Haycock was born in Canada in the Victorian era, before cars, phones, radios and air travel. He went on to learn to use a computer at 80 and predicted the coming of the internet. He lived in the Arctic in 1926-27, painted at the North Pole, discovered a mineral which was named “haycockite” after him, was a worldwide recognized geologist and Canada’s most travelled Arctic artist. For almost 40 years he travelled andMackey — painted across Canada’s northern wilderness.

In 2007 his manuscript will be released as a lavish book of Arctic paintings and drawings interspersed with historical notes and fascinating personal adventures.

Haycock’s keen interest in the history of the Arctic, from the earliest pre-Dorset inhabitants to the voyages of Discovery in search of the Northwest Passage and the North Pole, comes alive in stories and images of artifacts and ancient formations. At the same time Haycock takes the reader with him on numerous entertaining adventures through time and place across Canada’s most northerly tundra and ice.

The publication of this book is a project of Arctic Quest and Polar Artists Group, and supported by International Polar Year.

For more information on Maurice Haycock and the book “On Site with Maurice Haycock, Artist of the Arctic” please visit and

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