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Climate Change is Colour Change

Summary: The complete story of all IPY focuspoints, expressed in one videoart clip. No words, only moving pictures. Showing a silent but dramatic process in nature and culture.
produced by Ap Verheggen, 2007

The video is recorded in Nunavut, Canada, as well as at Cap Nez, France.

My name is Ap Verheggen, sculptor and filmmaker. I am highly fascinated by the worldwide communication in stapled stones. For that I visited in winter 2006 Nunavut to explore the Inukshuik: a symbol for the Canadian Arctic Culture. I documented and filmed as much as possible forms. Attracted by the Inuit culture I did many interviews and noticed their feeling of getting stuck between two cultures.
Back home in Europe I became aware that not many people know anything about the Inuit and their culture in general. To change that I developed some ideas: I produced a documentary: “The Road to Nowhere”, showing the fast change of Inuit traditional culture and initiated many art activities to start a discussion.
The footage recorded in Nunavut I now use for sculpture/video art
With all my actions I notice that more and more people get interested in Arctic cultures and IPY. Art is a good medium to get peoples attention on these matters.
for more info contact
websites: (English/Dutch )

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