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International Polar Day - Changing Earth

March 12th, 2008 marks the third of the quarterly International Polar Days, this time focusing on the Changing Earth; Past and Present.
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Changing Earth; Past and Present

The polar region are critical archives of polar change. Different techniques and disciplines are used to learn about Earth’s history over millions, thousands, and hundreds of years. Observations monitor and explore the Earth today, and models developed from these sciences help predict the future. By learning more about the Earth in the past, and how climates have changed previously, we equip ourselves to better predict and understand changes we are experiencing today, and will experience in the future.

The IPY Science Day on March 12th will focus on change over geological time, especially the glacial and interglacial periods that have occurred during the past million years, and cycles of ocean- atmosphere interactions that give rise to regional climate variations on scales of decades to centuries. Understanding these processes, and the science projects that investigate them, is critical in order to put recent human- induced climate change into context.

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