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Educational IPY photo-exhibit - call for submissions

Call for submissions

POLES APART // PULLING TOGETHER is an educational photo exhibition that will honour and celebrate the contributions of polar science research to the betterment of society globally. The exhibition highlights
achievements in Arctic and Antarctic research of the International Polar Year (IPY). It will feature in international venues beginning in February 2009.

The exhibition connects the science research in two of the harshest environments on Earth, the Arctic and Antarctic, to the social and cultural response to climate change in the North and around the world. The Polar
Regions are the front lines of climate change, and new knowledge from these regions is essential for understanding how our climate is changing and how those changes will impact humanity. The exhibition is built around four theme areas: Polar science, Scienti?c and traditional knowledge, Communicating polar science, From science to citizenship. Individually, each of these themes will tell an interesting story. When combined, they will tell a compelling story that pro?les cutting edge scienti?c research in the Polar Regions, how it is being manifest in human responses to climate change, and its invaluable contributions to the global good.

In March 2009, the International Polar Year research and education outreach programs will have completed two years of rigorous science explorations in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Although it will be several more years before the data is analyzed and the scienti?c papers are published, the end of this two year research cycle is the perfect time to celebrate the successes of this international, multi-disciplinary cooperative program.

We invite submissions of original photographic work that address any of the following themes:
Polar science: What new areas of research are advancing our understanding of climate change?
Scienti?c and traditional knowledge: How has traditional knowledge informed scienti?c understanding of issues in the Polar Regions?
Communicating polar science: How is polar science research being communicated and translated into social and cultural change?
Global citizenship: How are citizens around the world drawing on polar science research and traditional knowledge to actively engage on important global issues?

Venues (pending)
Reception announcing IPY research discoveries, UN Palais, Geneva, Switzerland. February 25, 2009
Celebration of IPY science for Arctic Counsel and Antarctic Treaty Consultative meeting, Washington, DC. April 2009
International Polar Year major conference, Oslo, Sweden. June 8-12, 2010
Plus additional venues to be announced

The exhibition is being developed with minimizing its ecological footprint top-of-mind. We are therefore developing the venue in two formats

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k-w, Dec 11th, 2008:

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Hey, I read that the deadline is October 10 but the exhibition is much later. Is it too late now to share my photos? Looking to see that IPY photo-exhibit…

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