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Factoids about India in Antarctica


Did you know?

- India began active scientific research in Antarctica in 1981.

- India currently has two permanent research stations. Dakshin Gangotri was built in 1983 in Dronning Maud Land but is now buried under nice and completely non-functional. The second permanent station, Maitri, was built in 1989, and provides year-round accommodation to 25 people.

- India will start building its third research station at Larsemann Hills in East Antarctica, in 2007-2008, propelling India into a small, elite group of countries which run three or more stations in Antarctica.

- In recent years, Indian scientists fly from India to Cape Town and then down to Antarctica. They used to sail from Goa in India to Antarctica. The expedition would take three months before arriving back to India.

- India was the 28th country to sign the Antarctic Treaty which is now signed by 46 countries.

- India became a voting member on the Antarctic Treaty since 1983. Between April 30 and May 11, India is holding the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting for the first time.

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