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Finally!  A relatively smooth day!!

Hayley Hung writes:

The work schedule came out around midnight last night but did not last very long.  The wind changed direction and it became unsafe to deploy the rosette.  The nutrient rosette originally scheduled for 6:15 was cancelled.  This is frustrating as the nutrient data are essential in performing correlations with other scientific data collected at a specific location.  Unfortunately, we had to leave the region of Tuktoyaktuk without this data.  I had a very good night of sleep though.  Tony and Patrick filmed me taking an air sample at the bow.  Everyone has started planning packing up.  As this is the last leg of CFL and the ship will be used by the Inuit Health Survey, most of the laboratories, fridges and freezers have to be cleared out.  There was a party on the flight deck between 16:00 and 17:30.  Everyone came out to enjoy the fresh air.  There were several whale sightings from a distance.  We started a basic station around 21:30 and it has been going smoothly.  I am waiting for the nutrient rosette scheduled for 1:30.

My air sampler for persistent organic pollutants (POPs)

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