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Frozen Five Expedition starts this Thursday!

The Frozen Five expedition team will be attempting to make a complete crossing of the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard from March to mid-June 2007. Our expedition team composes 5 young geoscientists (glaciology, geology, geophysics, biology, meteorology), aged 22-29 years, all with relevant Arctic experience from studying at least one year at the University of Svalbard.

The actual expedition starts on March 29 at 12:45 in Longyearbyen, the “capital” of Svalbard. The planned return date is June 14, to the same location. The route, measuring some 1,000 km, will be completed on skis using our own power. All our gear will be carried on special sledges, known as pulks. We will all pull our own sledge(s), weighing about 100 kg each. The route is divided into 5 stages, with a food/fuel depot at each leg. These include remote scientific stations like Hornsund, a French research vessel frozen in the sea ice at Inglefjeldbukta and a remote trapper’s cabin.

We will have to endure various dangers. Apart from the extremely low temperature (in strong winds, the temperature can easily drop to -50

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