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German Youth Steering Committee (GYSC) Is Looking For Interested Researchers

The German Youth Steering Committee was founded in 2006 to approach a young public about the current issues of polar research. Our website lists our activities.

The members of the committee aim at bringing together an online network of young polar researchers, teachers and high school students. The committee assists teachers and students to integrate polar research in natural and social sciences and the arts with the curriculum. The focus on German is a decisive aspect of our project. Commonly available resources are compiled in English and are of limited use.

At the moment, we coordinate presentations and discussions at high schools. We also make available brief (password-protected) presentations and articles for further use in the classroom. We moreover regularly update an event calendar that provides teachers and students with subject-relevant information on the polar regions. The online discussion forum considers student questions dealing with polar issues.

We are looking for young polar researchers who are either currently writing their diploma thesis or their PhD thesis, and who are already engaged in a post-doc project. We would like to post your short profile on our website to visualise for teachers and students alike the diversity of polar research in Germany.

We would like to increase interest in our project among polar researchers, because the Polar Regions have to be brought to the classroom, where awareness for the poles and their global significance begins. Your enthusiasm and researcher profile is all that is needed!

Interested researchers should register as members on our website: For further questions and/or your short researcher profile, please contact either or directly Bettina Kaiser at