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How does your town/school compare with a town/school in the arctic?

Follow the below ideas or print off this Compare your Towns flyer.

Directions:  Compare your town / school to a town / school in the Arctic in the Canadian, Northwest Territories using the data and images available in the Windows Around the World program. 
To do the comparison complete the table below, for the Arctic town/school you may use either the Angik School located in Paulatuk (located above the tree line in the tundra) or Moose Kerr School (located in the Mackenzie River Delta within the Arctic tree line).  If you live in the Arctic, how does your town / school compare to one of these other towns/ schools? 

If you want your work displayed on the Windows Around the World website, please e-mail it to .

Date:________________________ Name:______________________________

Question (compare for Arctic Town and Your town)

What time did it get light today?

What is the air temperature today?

What is on the ground outside your school? (e.g. snow, green grass, dead grass, sand, concrete, etc)

What is the weather like today? (sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy, etc)

How big is your school?

What do you see out the school window? (you can write about it, draw a picture or use a digital image)

Use the data that you collected above to answer the following questions. 

1. What is the biggest difference between your town/school with the Arctic town/school?

2. What is the most similar thing between your town/school and the town/school in the Arctic?

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