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Expeditions Studying Ice Sheets

Summary of International Trans-Antarctic Scientific Expeditions (ITASE)
Previous scientific traverses across East Antarctica almost fifty years ago

Current Expeditions:


IPY project 152, TASTE IDEA, includes the Norway-US expedition, and the two traverses on the Japanese-Swedish expedition.

Norway - US Traverse
From Troll Station to South Pole (pink line).
Expedition Homepage; Norwegian-US Scientific Traverse of Antarctica
Traverse Diary

From Troll Station to South Pole Station, and back via a different route. The traverse from Troll to South Pole occurs November 2007 to February 2008. The return trip from South Pole to Troll occurs November 2008 to February 2009.

Press enquiries:
Peter West, U.S. National Science Foundation +1 703-292-7761,
Gunn Sissel Jaklin, Norwegian Polar Institute +47 7775640 or +47 95104045,

Sweden- Japan Traverse
Between Syowa Station and Wasa Station via Dome Fuji (two parties). (dark green line)
Nine Swedish scientists will set off from Wasa Station at the beginning of December. They will meet 8 Japanese scientists, who will have travelled from Syowa station, around the end of December. After spending about a week together, each party will then return to their ‘home’ stations, having swapped both people and equipment.
Expedition homepage; SWEDARP 2007/8
Download this Traverse Brochure (PDF)

Press enquiries, please contact or .

US International Trans-Antarctic Scientific Expedition (US- ITASE)
From Taylor Dome to South Pole and Dome A. Brown Line.
Occurs Oct. 22 through February 14th (approximately) with 11 team members (3 support staff and 8 scientists).
Press enquiries: +1 207-581-2680 and , Director of University Relations, +1 207-581-3571

US-ITASE: US International Trans-Antarctic Scientific Expedition
Expedition Log Book

China Traverse
Zhon Shan Station to Doma A (purple line)
IPY project page, 313: PANDA
useful webpages:
IPY China
Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration
Polar Research Institute of China

Italian-French-German Traverse
Talos Dome to Dome A via Vostok (dark brown line). Will occur in the 2008-9 Antarctic IPY Season.
Press enquiries:

Airborne Geophysics - first season of POALR 5 in Antarctica

In 2007/08 AWI

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