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ICED-IPY and the Changing Earth; Past, Present and Future

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pic: Icicles form as meltwater drips from winter sea ice grounded as the tide drops. Rothera Point, Adelaide Island, Antarctica. Pete Bucktrout (British Antarctic Survey)

In order to understand how climate change is affecting the Southern Ocean ecosystem, it is necessary to understand the context in which change occurs. What was the Southern Ocean ecosystem like 10 years ago, 50 years ago or 5,000 years ago?
Long-term monitoring combined with techniques which provide clues about the distant past, such as ice-coring, can help to build an accurate picture of how much and how fast the earth system is changing.

ICED-IPY Changing Earth projects

During the International Polar Year, the ICED programme is leading a cluster of related IPY projects under ICED-IPY. Understanding more about how climate processes affect the marine ecosystem of the Southern Ocean is a key focus of the ICED programme. ICED is forging new links between scientists working in different areas to improve understanding of the links between climate and biology.
ICED is concerned with Southern Ocean ecosystems and is working in partnership with the European Network of Excellence EUR-OCEANS Southern Ocean System. The ICED programme will continue for a decade and will build on the important findings from the IPY. Below are details of some of the ICED-IPY related projects which are directly relevant to the current IPY Day:
For more information on the ICED Programme visit the ICED website


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