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Impact of Climate on Arctic Predators

The purpose of our study is to understand how Arctic predators respond to variations in oceanographic conditions. We will be studying Little Auks (Alle alle) at two sites, along the West coast of Spitsbergen and along the East coast of Greenland. We will be comparing the diets, foraging behavior and reproductive success at these two contrasting sites. The Greenland birds feed in cold Arctic water and the Spitsbergen birds feed in warmer water. We are collaborating with researchers from many different countries.

We have a blog to decribe our activities which we will update during our expedition. The team at the Spitsbergen site is made up of undergradute students and Prof. Nina Karnovsky from Pomona College, CA. The team at the Greenland site is led by Ann Harding and will have a PolarTrec teacher as part of the team. School children from Greenland and the U.S. can communicate with each other through her. Any interested person can ask questions of the Spitsbergen team through the blog

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