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, Oct 3rd, 2007:

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I am a Social Science/Development Person working on Civil Society and Young Leaders role in Climate change/global warming issues globally and how they impact on Africa. My particular interest in IPY is in the polar regions melting ice impact on tropical sea level rise, and the imminent disasters that will result and the kind of prepparednesss that has to happen in terms of information management, prevention, early warning, early intervention, disaster preparedness and adaptations, disaster mangement, and development. I am intersted in research related to these issues as well as education, outreach and social moblisation, cooperation between stakeholders-GOVERNMENTS, CSOs, MILITARY, CITIZENS,PRIVATE SECTOR,LOCAL COMMUNITIES, INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY, SCIENTSTS, ENGINEERS.KEEP THE GOOD WORK UP

Dr. Ayaskant Maharana, Apr 16th, 2008:

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A very helpful point of illumination for the researchers on Global Warming too. A very great Job being done......

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