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IPY EOC Workshop Summary: June 2007


Education, Outreach, and Communication (EOC) in IPY are a continuum of activities and ideas. As with the rest of IPY 2007-8, the EOC components build on local and regional activities and needs, and utilise existing networks and technologies, to raise awareness of the polar regions.

To this end, a group of educators from around the world met together to discuss strategies and activities that could build on existing structures, and help to raise awareness of the polar regions using existing resources.

The suggestions of the educators were then passed on to two groups: one focussing on the needs of young researchers and early career scientists, and the other on the international media. The idea was to identify and develop activities that would serve the broadest range of partners, including teachers, journalists, young researchers, IPY scientists, national committees, and science communicators.

Activities were identified that not only supported these three key groups, but could also then be expanded to support the broader IPY community interested in EOC. The group also took specific care to remember the needs of IPY scientists and national partners.

Five key messages or concepts have been identified for IPY Communication:

Shrinking Snow and Ice
Neigbours To The North
Global-Local Linkages
New Frontiers of Science
Making Science Acessible

The first meeting resulted in seven suggested activities that would support educators. These suggestions were passed on to the media and tertiary education groups who developed ideas further.

As a result, the IPO EOC activities are now focussing on

- Developing materials for IPY

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