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It’s IPY Launch Day!! (somewhere in the world)

IPY launch events around the world can be viewed live at the Arctic Portal. We also encourage everyone to launch a virtual balloon and show how many people around the world care about the polar regions and are interested in IPY. Everyone is welcome to join in, young or old, polar or tropical!

The Official Opening Ceremony takes place in Paris at 11am local time. That is UTC 10:00, or, 1am in Anchorage, 5am in New York, 7am in Santiago, 3.30pm in Calcutta, 7pm in Tokyo, and 9pm in Sydney. You can watch it live or after the event on the web at the Arctic Portal, where you will also find webcasts of other national launch events from around the world.

Students around the world are also getting involved in the launch by “launching a virtual balloon”. But it’s not just for students: we encourage everyone to carry out some small activity that makes you think about the polar region today, and then launch your balloon to let others know.

Here is a live map of all such activities, as reported by you… add your balloon now!

For your balloon to appear on the map, follow these simple instructions. The educators launch page has suggestions for ice activities you can do at home or in class. Please also email if you’d like to stay involved with activities like this in the future, or join the educators mailing list.

For journalists, please see our Press Materials and launch page for a full list of events and press contacts around the world.

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Michal Janouch, Mar 1st, 2007:

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Launching of the IPY in the Czech Republic.
Czechs and polar research - exhibition in Vrchlab