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IPY projects looking Above The Polar Regions.
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IPY Projects Looking “Above the Polar Regions”

Previous International Polar Days have focussed on Sea Ice, Ice Sheets, our Changing Earth, Land and Life, and People. The Polar Day in December has the theme “Above The Polar Regions”.

The following lists IPY projects that consider astronomy, meteorology, atmospheric sciences, and other research looking Above The Polar Regions. Their webpages contain a huge amount of information, and the full proposals contain contact information at the end.

IPY ID, chart name, and short title:

246 Biosphere-Atmosphere Coupling
357 Climate System of Spitsbergen
196 Atmosphere Observing System
327 Pollution Transport to the Arctic INCATPA
140 Hydrologic Impact of Aerosols
171 Aerosol Distribution Network
32 Climate, Chemistry & Aerosols
99 Ozone Layer & UV Radiation
175 Polar Region Contaminants
76 Pollution Monitoring Network
121 Polar Weather Forecasting
20 Air-Ice Chemical Interactions
26 Circumpolar Flaw Lead CFL
267 Antarctic Meteorology
41 Antarctic Plateau Science
56 Solar Linkages to Atmospheric Processes SLAP
217 Polar Stratosphere & Mesosphere SPARC-IPY
78 Mesosphere Clouds & Aurora
91 Polar Snapshot from Space
38 Ocean-Atmosphere-Sea Ice-Snowpack OASIS-IPY
63 Heliosphere Impact on Geospace
372 Polar View of Ice
124 Astronomy from Polar Plateaus
385 Observatory at Dome C
459 IceCube

Want to know more about IPY Projects? Have a look at this interactive IPY chart (2.5MB) (click on the hexagons while connected to the internet and get transported to the project page) or browse our projects pages and project database.