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IPY Report: April 2009


1. Polar Oceans Weeks - March 2009
2. Changes in the IPO
3. Changes to
4. Polar plans and assessments from ISAC and SCAR
5. Upcoming conferences and meetings
6. Update from APECS
7. Archiving IPY materials
8. Data, data, data - monthly reminder

Report no. 24, April 2009
From: IPY International Programme Office
To: IPY Project Coordinators
cc: IPY Community Google Groups

1. Polar Oceans Weeks - March 2009

In March 2009, we focussed on Polar Oceans as the eighth IPY Polar
Day. Our usual ‘Day’ turned into more than 2 weeks of activities,
starting from 14th March and continuing to the end of March. Events
and activities took place across the globe, including in the US,
Malaysia, Greenland, UK, Brazil, Italy, Canada, Germany, France and
Portugal! Activities included hands-on activities for students, global
live events connecting students and teachers to researchers in the
Arctic and Antarctic, and special radio interviews and broadcasts,
again connecting to both polar regions. For more information about
Polar Oceans, including flyers, content and a list of events, please

Thank you to all who took part in what has been a very successful
Polar Oceans event. Building on the March 2009 experience and
successes, and to continue IPY momentum through June 2010, we plan two
additional ‘Polar Weeks’ - one in October 2009 and another in March

2. Changes in the IPO

As plannned, Rhian Salmon has left the IPO to pursue other adventures
- already we miss her and wish her well.  We intend that Karen
Edwards, from the Canadian IPY Secretariat and a partner on many of
our IPY education and outreach activities, will lead and support two
on-going activities, the ‘Polar Weeks’ and the Polar Resource Book,
and help us manage  Meanwhile, we recruit a temporary
replacement for Nicola Munro, whose maternity leave approaches;
Nicola’s leave will extend approximately from May 2009 to January
2010.  All of these staff changes and activity plans depend on
continued financial support for the IPO which, on paper at least,
looks likely.  Please continue to use as your primary
link to IPO, or send questions or requests to Dave at

3. Changes to

We can report with pleasure that, behind the scenes, in its
current form will soon move to the Arctic Portal.  We have enjoyed
excellent support from our design team, Slice of Lime, but the move to
Arctic Portal gives a long-term post-IPO home.  You should not
notice the actual move, which will take place in early April.  The
Arctic Portal team will make some necessary changes, upgrades, and
improvements which should come on-line in June 2009.  For your
information, the British Library, as part of their digital science
archive initiative, has and will continue to keep a full archive of

4. Polar plans and assessments from ISAC and SCAR

Leading polar science organisations prepare various assessments to
build on or summarise IPY scientific results and to plan post-IPY
programmes.  These assessments and plans represent a natural and
desirable part of the IPY process.  The IPO will assist the sponsoring
organisations by sharing news of these activities among IPY national
committees and project leaders.  This month we report on two

SCAR has produced an Antarctic Climate Change and the Environment
review to synthesize present knowledge on the past and possible future
changes in the physical environment and biological systems of
Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.  You can download individual
chapters from the ACCE web site at:  SCAR requests
comments by 30 April 2009.  For more information, please contact John
Turner at

ISAC has produced a Science Plan and Implementation Strategy to
outline an open-ended international research program and a framework
for comprehensive study of Arctic environmental change in all its
dimensions.  You can download that plan from
ISAC requests public comments by 1 May 2009; you can submit comments
to  For more information, please contact
Maribeth Murray at

5. Upcoming conferences and meetings

EGU 2009 in Vienna will feature IPY in a Union (CR2) session on “The
Cryosphere - for how much longer?”, but there are also a whole series
of sessions with IPY content within the Cryospheric Sciences division
(CR1, CR3, CR4, CR5, CR9, CR10) and a further co-listed session (CR12)
that identifies a further 17 sessions that cross divisional boundaries
and includes the Louis Agassiz Medal Lecture on ice core science by
Eric Wolff.

Planning continues for the IPY Oslo Science Conference - Oslo 2010.
Please watch this report and follow for the
latest news and information.  All recipients of this IPO report should
soon receive separate direct Oslo 2010 monthly reports.

6. Update from APECS

APECS held two successful career mentor discussion panels this past
month at the Arctic Science Summit Week in Norway and at the Gordon
Research Conference on Polar Marine Science in Italy. The next meeting
will be at the 10th Conference on Polar Meteorology and Oceanography
in May. If you know of any upcoming meetings that APECS would be
interested in coordinating an event for young researchers, please
contact Jenny Baeseman (

Lots more great events and activities coming up, please visit our
( for the latest newsletter.

Next APECS Conference Call - all welcome to join: 7 April 2009, please
contact Ben Beall ( if you would like to join.

7. Archiving IPY materials: a process for storing your critical files
for the future

Please consider saving IPY documents, media, presentations, videos,
emails, and other digital materials.  The IPO with the Canadian IPY
Secretariat at the University of Alberta and Scott Polar Research
Institute have developed a system for storing all these materials.
The system supports item-by-item or batch uploads or submissions with
an easy catalog process; it now needs contributions!  We hope that
many individuals and institutions will find this process useful and
helpful!  To contribute, or for more information, please email

More details at:

8. Data - monthly reminder

We remind all participants, from the IPY Science Projects and from the
Education and Outreach Projects, about their commitment to free, open
and rapid data access.  We continue to press forward with our goal of
complete metadata for all IPY projects (see
Most of us acknowledge the need for capturing this metadata but also
recognise that we fall behind, individually and collectively, in
meeting our reporting responsibilities.  Several countries have
supported national IPY data coordinators to assist with these tasks.

For more information, please contact Dave Carlson (
or Mark Parsons ( 

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