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IPY Report: April 2010


Change in IPO

Report no. 36, April 2010
From: IPY International Programme Office
To: IPY Project Coordinators
cc: IPY Community Google Groups

Change in IPO

On 31 March 2010, Nicola Munro leaves the International Programme Office for a new position in the British Antarctic Survey as Antarctic Funding Initiative and Arctic Office Administrator. 

If during IPY you received a prompt and helpful response to an inquiry or a request, if you found useful information on the IPY web site, if you used the IPY databases or extracted documents from the IPY file system, then you benefited from Nicola’s work.  If you used a Polar Day flyer or any of the other IPY education and graphics products, then you shared Nicola’s enthusiasm and appreciated her devotion to quality.  If you felt, as a project coordinator or as a member of an IPY national committee or as a teacher, that this IPO maintained a consistently friendly, generous and cooperative outlook, then you enjoyed Nicola’s pervasive influence on IPY.  (If the IPO has not provided the level or quality of services listed, you can blame me.)

We follow with interest and some amusement the discussions of a possible Polar Decade.  Interest because of the implicit vote of confidence in some of the activities and accomplishments of this IPY and because of a sense, shared by the IPO, of much more that we can and should do.  Amusement because some of us, Nicola included, have invested approximately a decade of effort into this one, albeit over only 5 years, and because we know that the success of this IPY derives substantially from time devoted, by the IPO and particularly by Nicola, to maintaining an active, engaged and enthusiastic volunteer workforce serving as organizers, coordinators and communicators.  A Polar Decade on that scale will need Nicola and several of her clones.

Thank you and good luck, my dear friend and partner!

Dave C.

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