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IPY Report: February 2009


1. IPY feature projects throughout February
2. Issue of the State of Polar Research Report, Feb 25th
3. Update from HAIS meeting
4. Archiving IPY: a process for storing your critical files for the
5. Polar Oceans Day : a chance to engage the public
6. IPY Success?

Report no. 22, February 2009
From: IPY International Programme Office
To: IPY Project Coordinators
cc: IPY Community Google Groups

1. IPY feature projects throughout February

Many thanks to all projects and participants who have been busy
preparing concise summary and media material for our February profile.
In the lead-up to the release of the State of Polar Research report on
February 25th, 29 IPY projects will release stories for the media.
Already we are seeing a good response in articles around the world,
and an increased interest by the international media. More information

2. Issue of the State of Polar Research Report, Feb 25th

The State of Polar Research Report will be released on February 25th
following a press conference in Geneva at UTC1000. It is embargoed
until that time, and will be released to media, under embargo, on
February 20th. The report is currently being translated into French,
Spanish, Russian, German, Chinese, Inuktitut, Finnish, Norwegian,
Swedish, & Japanese. If you are interested in translating the report
into an additional language, please contact Rhian Salmon

For more details about IPY Activities in Geneva, and around the world,
please visit:

Please send additional information for these pages to Rhian Salmon

3. HAIS-6 Meeting

Heads of the National Arctic and Antarctic IPY Secretariats (HAIS)
held their 6th meeting at the British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK,
26 January 2009.  During IPY, this group has shared common approaches
to implementing IPY at national levels, as well as advocating multi-
national collaborations. Minutes and agenda papers from all their
meetings are available at:

At their Cambridge meeting, the main issues were:
- Continuation of the IPO and in particular its funding for the hand-
over period
- IPY conferences (2010 and 2012)
- IPY legacies
- Polar observing activities
- Polar infrastructure, and
- National plans for IPY continuation
Discussing their own future, they agreed it would be useful to
continue until 2010 and in particular to assist in transferring IPY
legacies to future homes.

4. Archiving IPY: a process for storing your critical files for the

Please consider what documents, media, presentations, videos, emails,
etc. you would like to ensure are archived as part of IPY.  The IPO,
Canadian IPY Secretariat at the University of Alberta, and Scott Polar
Research Institute have developed a system for storing all these
documents and are now seeking participants willing to use this service
to back-up their files.  If you are interested in this process, even
if not immediately, please email

5. Polar Oceans Day - March 2009

Every three months, IPY celebrates International Polar Days, focusing
on a different aspect of polar research. Previous Polar Days have
focussed on Sea Ice, Ice Sheets, Changing Earth, Land & Life, People,
and Research Above the Polar Regions.  In March 2009, we will focus on
Polar Oceans.  Events will start on the 18th March with activities
continuing throughout that week until the 26th March. Draft webpages
outlining activities at this time are at:

We want to make this day as multilingual as we can and are keen to
encourage as many local activities as possible that range from
inspiring primary school classes to providing higher-level information
about IPY research and the process of science for higher-level
students, educators, and media.

In conjunction with this, there will be several live events connecting
researchers in the field with students around the world, activity and
ocean summary flyers in many languages, a virtual balloon launch, and
profiles of IPY research and researchers. If you would like to
contribute, or if you have any links and resources or educational
activities you think would be suitable for this day, please contact
Nicola Munro (

6. IPY Success?

The IPO has entered an intensely busy time period leading to the
celebrations in Geneva and the Polar Oceans Day in March.  We send our
thanks to the many partners who have provided media materials,
presentation materials, translations, images and endless cooperation.
We apologize to those few (we hope) whose requests we have deferred
until March.  IPY-funded research will continue in several nations,
certainly through another summer field season in the Arctic and likely
through one more field season in the Antarctic as well.  It now seems
probable that the IPO will continue as well, for perhaps 18 more
months.  We mark the February 2009 date as a time of initial successes
- success in operations so far, success in drawing public attention,
success in stimulating extraordinary cooperation and collaboration
among many many partners.  Full success of IPY remains in the future,
in the products of our data gathering and outreach, in our
achievements of the IPY goals of comprehensive understanding of polar
systems, enhanced and sustained polar observations, a vibrant next
generation of researchers, and an informed public.  Because the IPO
appreciates, better than anyone, the cooperation that has carried us
this far, we feel very optimistic about eventual IPY success. 

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