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IPY Report: January 2009


1. IPY after February 2009
2. Promoting your project in February, 2009
3. Polar Days
5. AGU Report

Report no. 21, January 2009
From: IPY International Programme Office
To: IPY Project Coordinators
cc: IPY Community Google Groups

1. IPY after February 2009

Colleagues and friends regularly ask us what the “IPY plan” is for 2009 and 2010, and “What will happen to the IPO?”.  The answer for IPY varies by country and project.  Some countries will hold closing events in February and March this year.  Other national programmes will continue IPY research through Arctic 2009 and Antarctic 2009/2010 seasons and beyond, driven by financial and logistical factors in the last two years.  In IPO we consider the closing events and the continuing research as important parts of IPY.  We hope that those of you with on-going research will continue to share your news and stories via

The IPO seeks funding for an additional 18 months of operation, covering March 2009 through September 2010.  We call this the IPO ‘Hand-Over’ period, wherein we find long-term partners for many of the IPY activities, support assessments and evaluations, keep active, represent IPY at prominent events, and generally maintain the internal connections and external relations at a high level through the Oslo 2010 Science Conference.  Contact Dave () to know more about these hand-over plans or to contribute much-needed funds.

The IPY Conference in Oslo, June 8-12th 2010, will be the first opportunity for the broad range of IPY researchers to share their results in an interdisciplinary and international forum. More details about this conference can be found at:

We are also keen to share information about national and local events occurring in conjunction with IPY,- please email Rhian () to add details of your celebration to this page:

2. Promoting your project in February, 2009

On February 25th, 2009, the International Polar Year 2007-8 will celebrate the two years of IPY research with a press conference, ceremony and reception in Geneva, Switzerland.  At that time, the IPY Joint Committee will release a report on “The State of Polar Research”.  We hope that the February Celebrations will draw wide international media and political interest in polar research.  We encourage all IPY participants to consider promoting your involvement with IPY during the weeks leading up to this event.

All IPY Participants:
Whatever your involvement with IPY, consider using this increased media attention as an opportunity to promote your activity,- in the field, classroom, local community, or country. Local media in particular will be interested in profiling your engagement in IPY, in the context of the ‘bigger picture’ that we can help supply.

IPY Projects:

We are asking every IPY project interested in media attention to choose a unique date to be profiled between January 20th and February 20th, 2009. On this date we will help promote your project via:

- a press release or story for, and wider circulation around journalists
- scientists to be available for interview
- additional media information (images, film, international contacts available for interview, etc) as appropriate for the project, probably hosted on your own website

We also ask for a photo and brief project description for the February media page:

To have your project highlighted in this way, please contact Rhian ().

3. Polar Days

Many thanks to all our many partners who participated in ‘Above The Poles’ Day on December 4th, 2008. The Day was a great opportunity to profile a diverse range of research from atmospheric studies and meteorology to astronomy and observation, and we received very positive feedback from students around the world.

The next Polar Day will focus on Polar Oceans and occur between March 18th and 25th. The Day will include an ocean-related classroom activity translated in many languages, several live events connecting students around the world with polar researchers, and web pages filled with activities and scientific information about current ocean research.

We are currently looking for scientists involved in ocean-related research who would like to become involved in these events around the world,- please pass this message on to colleagues and students who might be interested in participating in IPY Education and Outreach. For more information, please contact Nicola Munro () and Rhian Salmon ().


The APECS Directorate office is now located at the University of Tromso in Norway, sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council and the University. The goals of the office for the next year are to strengthen ties with existing organizations with the goal of supporting international and interdisciplinary collaborations and integrating education and outreach into research projects. APECS is planning a summer school in Svalbard in June together with UNIS and UArctic and another in January at Bellingshausen with the International Arctic Research Center and others. Plans for a Virtual Poster Session featuring projects by young researchers is under development and hopes to be launched by March. APECS is also seeking young researchers interested in getting more involved and learning more about polar research to take on roles of Research Discipline Coordinators. For more information, please visit: or contact Director Jenny Baeseman at {encode="" title="

5. AGU report

Polar science and IPY had a strong presence at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco, in Union, Cryosphere and many other sessions.  Many of us also enjoyed an IPY party at the San Francisco Exploratorium.  IPO thanks the many organizers and partners who helped us with the party, the press conferences, the side meetings, the exhibits, the teacher programmes, and the science sessions. 

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