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IPY Report: July 2009


1. IPO Update

2. The Canadian IPY Secretariat

3. Polar Weeks

4. Upcoming IPY meetings

5. Update from APECS

6. Update from Oslo 2010 Planning Process

7. Call for new stories and blogs for

8. Submit your metadata, win a trip
9. Archiving IPY materials

Report no. 27, July 2009

From: IPY International Programme Office

To: IPY Project Coordinators

cc: IPY Community Google Groups

1. IPO Update

Please join us in welcoming Melissa Deets as interim administrative
assistant who will join the IPO team July 13th.  Melissa will be answering
IPO inquiries through  Please note that Karen Edwards will
remain point of contact for EOC activities: 

2. The Canadian IPY Secretariat

Much of the background work of IPY has occurred through National Committees
and particularly through several national secretariats.  These groups
(occasionally individuals!) have brought ideas and energy to IPY and have
carried the full and occasionally overwhelming workload of national and
international coordination.  They have in every case become friends and
valued partners to the IPO.  We wish to recognize the Canadian IPY
Secretariat, which ended its activities this week, for great friendship and
great partnership - thanks David and Karen! (Of course, we, in IPO, must
also say thanks to Karen for continuing to work with us!)

3. Polar Weeks

As the IPY research program moves toward analysis and results and as IPY
participants plan for a large international conference in Oslo in June 2010,
the IPO plans two Polar Weeks, in October 2009 and March 2010, with the
theme: What Happens at the Poles Affects Us All.

These Polar Weeks have four goals:

* To expand the IPY global networks of motivated and enthused
* To raise the visibility of polar issues and polar organizations;
* To enhance the development of polar science educational materials;
* To develop long-term education and outreach partnerships for polar

In October (October 5th through 9th) the IPY Polar Week will focus on
recruiting new individual and institutional partners, will stimulate
increased engagement by polar partners, and will highlight classroom
activities developed for the new IPY Polar Resource Book. In March 2010 the
Polar Week will focus on local community-building activities, will connect
new and existing partners in science outreach, and will stimulate global
enthusiasm for June on-line and on-site events.  Both polar weeks will
feature fresh accessible science, live web events, fun classroom activities,
virtual balloon launches and spontaneous global inter-connections -
activities that have made IPY Polar Days effective and enjoyable.

For more information please visit the IPY website at:

4. Upcoming IPY meetings

October 2 to 5, 2009: Communities of Change - Building an IPY Legacy, 9th
ACUNS International Student Conference on Northern Studies and Polar
Regions, Yukon College - Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.  See

September 29 - October 1: International IPY Data Management meeting in
Ottawa, Ontario (CANADA) to allow data managers / coordinators to report and
assess what has been achieved over the last two years and to discuss
challenges and opportunities regarding the stewardship of data collected
during the International Polar Year.  For more information see:
ing_canada/> /international_data_management_meeting_canada/ or contact Scott
Tomlinson ( or Mark Parsons

October 26-28: IPY EOC Committee will meet in Canada to review and stimulate
progress on the new Polar Resource Book, to plan for the March Polar Week
and Oslo 2010, and to develop long-term plans and partnerships for polar EOC
activities.  Contact Karen Edwards ( or Dave
Carlson ( for more details.

December 14 to 18, 2009: AGU Fall Meeting - Together with several partners,
the IPO has proposed Union sessions for IPY science and for IPY education
and outreach.  We will need many abstracts for each session, to ensure that
we get favorable scheduling and as much oral presentation time as possible.
Please consider joining us as we highlight IPY activities.

5. Update from APECS

APECS together with UNIS, IPY Norway, and UArctic have finished a very
successful interdisciplinary polar field school on Svalbard that brought
together 24 undergraduate/masters students from 11 countries (out of the 297
people who applied for this field school!). If you are interested in seeing
exactly what field schools are like, daily blogs from the field school are
being posted on the home page of the IPO website
( APECS was mentioned in a great article about
Spanish IPY projects in the Spanish National Geographic. In other news APECS
member Michele Koppes has been asked to represent our organization in the
ICSU Earth Science Visioning Group and Jose Xavier has joined ICED as the
first APECS representative. We are currently working on getting our Virtual
Poster Session live as well as the new Polar Literature Discussion Forum.
For more information, and the latest July newsletter, please visit

6. Update from Oslo 2010 Planning Process

Together with the Oslo 2010 Secretariat, the Olso 2010 Steering Committee
thanks all of you again very much for your interest in proposing a session
for the IPY Oslo Science Conference.  A large number of proposals were
received, and the six committees responsible for the five scientific themes
and the EOC programme have worked very hard to sort through these to make a
total programme that would fit the available space and time of the
conference. The Steering Committee has given guiding criteria for the
science sessions which have included:

o Keep the number of sessions under each theme relatively low in
order to meet our conference goal of no more than 15 parallel sessions.

o Integrate and combine as much as possible into broad sessions.  In
particular, we encouraged the thematic groups to combine similar Arctic and
Antarctic topics where appropriate and to broaden or combine session
proposals devoted to single specific IPY projects.

o That the overall programme and specific session titles should
clearly invite and stimulate participation by all IPY projects.

o Sessions should be planned to include early career scientists as

You will find the draft programme at There you can
also find the names of the members of the six committees. You will receive
communication from the appropriate committee chair of their considerations
in such cases where proposals have been merged or in other ways changed.
Because of the immediate approach of northern hemisphere summer holidays you
may however, not get such information until after the holidays. We apologise
for delays, but we felt it was important that the initial information on
sessions was published now, as soon as it was available from the committees.

If you see errors or gaps, or have any other comments to improve the
programme, we would very much appreciate hearing from you. We can guarantee
that there will be much activity in developing the programme and the
conference over the coming months!

7. Call for new stories and blogs for

On, we continue to track on-going IPY research activities and to
feature stories on past, current and future polar issues.  If you have IPY
research or outreach program underway, or have an IPY story to share, please
contact Dave Carlson ( or Karen Edwards

8. Submit your metadata, win a trip

In cooperation with the Oslo 2010 conference, the IPY Data Management
Sub-committee will soon announce an incentive programme to encourage IPY
participants to submit their metadata.  Each month for the next 6 to 8
months we will select at random the name of a person who has submitted IPY
metadata.  That person will win an Oslo stipend - free accommodation and
reduced registration fees for the Oslo 2010 Science Conference.  In March we
will select from all the IPY metadata submitted one grand prize winner, in
that case a full-expense (travel, accommodation and registration fees) trip
to the OSC.  Please watch for more details. 

9. Archiving materials

Please consider saving IPY documents, media, presentations, videos, emails,
and other digital materials.  The IPO with the Canadian IPY Legacy Office at
the University of Alberta and Scott Polar Research Institute have developed
a system for storing all these materials.  The system supports item-by-item
or batch uploads or submissions with an easy catalog process; it now needs
contributions!  We hope that many individuals and institutions will find
this process useful and helpful! 

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