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IPY Report: June 2009


1. IPO Update
2. Political Impacts of IPY
3. Polar Weeks
4. Upcoming meetings
5. Update from APECS
6. Update from Oslo 2010 Planning Process
7. Call for new stories and blogs for
8. Archiving IPY materials

Report no. 26, June 2009
From: IPY International Programme Office
To: IPY Project Coordinators
cc: IPY Community Google Groups

1. IPO Update

Please join us in congratulating Nicola Munro on the birth of her
daughter Isabella Rose on May 11th.  Mom and daughter are both doing
well and we are very excited to welcome a new polar enthusiast into
the world.  An interim replacement for Nicola’s position will
hopefully join the IPO team this month.  To contact the IPO, please
use; we will respond as quickly as we can.  Please
note that Karen Edwards is the point of contact for EOC activities:

2. Political Impacts of IPY

On-going climate change negotiations already engage IPY researchers
and draw on IPY results.  News stories appear almost daily about
territorial claims, oil and gas resources, or fisheries management, in
both the Arctic and the Antarctic.  These relentless developments, and
the associated need for information, arise now, irrespective of IPY’s
‘readiness’ to respond - the Nordic Prime Ministers and the Foreign
Relations Committee of the US Senate have already called for IPY

In the Arctic, one of IPY’s most important mechanisms for political
impact resides within the SWIPA partnership - the on-going Snow,
Water, Ice and Permafrost of the Arctic assessment involving IASC,
WCRP-CliC and IPY.  Initiated by the Arctic Council and led by the
Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme, SWIPA intends to assess
current scientific information on the impacts of climate change on the
ice, snow, and permafrost characteristics of the Arctic.  In general,
SWIPA undertakes a rigorous review but with a very ambitious time
schedule, in large part to meet exactly the kinds of urgent requests
described above.  In particular, SWIPA intends to report its Greenland
ice sheet component very soon, in time for impact on and relevance to
the Copenhagen climate change negotiations in December 2009.  For more
information about SWIPA, please see

3. Polar Weeks

As the IPY research program moves toward analysis and results and as
IPY participants plan for a large international conference in Oslo in
June 2010, the IPO plans two Polar Weeks, in October 2009 and March
2010, with the theme: What Happens at the Poles Affects Us All.

These Polar Weeks have four goals:

To expand the IPY global networks of motivated and enthused
To raise the visibility of polar issues and polar organizations;
To enhance the development of polar science educational
materials; and
To develop long-term education and outreach partnerships for
polar science.

In October (October 5th through 9th) the IPY Polar Week will focus on
recruiting new individual and institutional partners, will stimulate
increased engagement by polar partners, and will highlight classroom
activities developed for the new IPY Polar Resource Book. In March
2010 the Polar Week will focus on local community-building activities,
will connect new and existing partners in science outreach, and will
stimulate global enthusiasm for June on-line and on-site events.  Both
polar weeks will feature fresh accessible science, live web events,
fun classroom activities, virtual balloon launches and spontaneous
global inter-connections - activities that have made IPY Polar Days
effective and enjoyable.

For more information please visit the IPY website at:

4. Upcoming meetings

July 11 to 16, 2009: 14th International Congress on Circumpolar Health
- Securing the IPY Legacy: From Research to Action, Yellowknife,
Northwest Territories, Canada.  Registration deadline: Monday, 15 June
2009.  For further information, please go to:

October 2 to 5, 2009: Communities of Change - Building an IPY Legacy,
9th ACUNS International Student Conference on Northern Studies and
Polar Regions, Yukon College - Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.  See

September 29 - October 1: International IPY Data Management meeting in
Ottawa, Ontario (CANADA) to allow data managers / coordinators to
report and assess what has been achieved over the last two years and
to discuss challenges and opportunities regarding the stewardship of
data collected during the International Polar Year.  For more
information see:…
or contact Scott Tomlinson ( or Mark
Parsons (

October 26-28: IPY EOC Committee will meet in Canada to review and
stimulate progress on the new Polar Resource Book, to plan for the
March Polar Week and Oslo 2010, and to develop long-term plans and
partnerships for polar EOC activities.  Contact Karen Edwards
( or Dave Carlson ( for
more details.

5. Update from APECS

APECS had a successful meeting at the American Meteorology and
Oceanography Conference in Madison, Wisconsin last month - sponsored
by SCAR and IASC with 35 participants from 7 countries.

Mark your calendars for:

Activities at the SCAR Biology Symposium the end of July in
Career Panel at the MOCA-09 Conference in Montreal in July
IPY International Career Development Symposium in Victoria, BC,
Canada the 4-7 December 2009

APECS is also setting up an online literature discussion website that
is open to all Polar Researchers to talk about recent journal
publications as well as popular news articles. If you are interested
in sponsoring or participating in this project, let APECS know -

The June APECS newsletter will be available on 5 June and can be found

6. Update from Oslo 2010 Planning Process

The IPY Education, Outreach and Communication committee has produced a
list of sessions for inclusion within Theme 6 of the Oslo 2010 Science
Conference: Education and Outreach as a Primary Partner in IPY
Success.  The broad session ideas within that Theme should provide an
opportunity to highlight the variety and quality of IPY EOC
activities.  We hope to attract abstracts and participation from
scientists and educators, journalists and film producers, exhibit and
expedition organizers, and the full range of IPY partners!

We anticipate many on-site and on-line activities for teachers and
students during the Oslo Conference.  Please mark the dates (7 to 11
June 2010) in your diaries and calendars.  Follow and for more information.

7. Call for new stories and blogs for

On, we continue to track on-going IPY research activities and
to feature stories on past, current and future polar issues.  If you
have IPY research or outreach program underway, or have an IPY story
to share, please contact Dave Carlson ( or Karen
Edwards (

8. Archiving materials

Please consider saving IPY documents, media, presentations, videos,
emails, and other digital materials.  The IPO with the Canadian IPY
Legacy Office at the University of Alberta and Scott Polar Research
Institute have developed a system for storing all these materials.
The system supports item-by-item or batch uploads or submissions with
an easy catalog process; it now needs contributions!  We hope that
many individuals and institutions will find this process useful and

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