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IPY Report: May 2009


1. IPO Update
2. ATCM declaration
3. Update from EGU
4. Upcoming meetings
5. Update from APECS
6. Call for stories and blogs for
7. Archiving IPY materials
8. Toward a Polar Information Commons

Report no. 25, May 2009
From: IPY International Programme Office
To: IPY Project Coordinators
cc: IPY Community Google Groups

1. IPO Update

Please note that Nicola Munro will take maternity leave as of 1 May
2009.  We will introduce the interim replacement person next month.
To contact the IPO, please use; we will respond,
albeit perhaps not as quickly.  Please note that Karen Edwards serves
as point of contact for EOC activities:

2. ATCM Declaration

On the occasion of the first-ever joint session of the Antarctic
Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM) and the Arctic Council, organised
in Washington, DC to recognize the 50th anniversity of the signing of
the Antarctic Treaty and to celebrate IPY, the assembled Ministers, by
acclimation, adopted a Ministerial Declaration on the International
Polar Year and Polar Science.  The IPO thanks many friends of IPY who
contributed to this event and to the declaration.  For more
information see the entry on

3. Update from EGU

This year, the European Geophysical Union (EGU) congress in Vienna
acknowledged IPY 2007-2008 directly by awarding one of its Union
sessions to the topic of “The cryosphere: for how much longer?”
chaired by Carmen de Jong, Cynan Ellis-Evans and Marco Tedesco.
Despite being scheduled for Friday afternoon, a substantial audience
of over 200 assembled to hear invited talks from Dave Carlson (IPY
IPO) on building information into prediction for the cryosphere,
Wilfred Haeberli (WGMS, Zurich, Switzerland) on accelerated glacier
shrinkage worldwide, Larry Hinzman (UAF, Alaska, USA) on evidence and
consequences of warming and thawing permafrost and Luke Copland
(University of Ottawa, Canada) on accelerated collapse of Arctic ice
shelves. These were all excellent talks that clearly illustrated the
rapidly changing status of the global cryosphere and the critical need
for more data to understand these changes and their consequences.  The
abstracts can be accessed from

4. Upcoming meetings

July 11 to 16, 2009: 14th International Congress on Circumpolar Health
- Securing the IPY Legacy: From Research to Action, Yellowknife,
Northwest Territories, Canada.  Registration deadline: Monday, 15 June
2009.  For further information, please go to:

October 2 to 5, 2009: Communities of Change - Building an IPY Legacy,
9th ACUNS International Student Conference on Northern Studies and
Polar Regions, Yukon College - Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.  See

5. Update from APECS

APECS has been working diligently with the Arctic Portal to launch
their new and improved website. Check it out at

Here you can search the membership directory to find new collaborators
and potential employees as well as read about all the exciting things
that are happening.

APECS is beginning to plan an International Early Career Researcher
Symposium together with ArcticNet in Victoria, BC, Canada 4-7 December
2009. Anyone interested in getting involved or planning side meetings
around this event should contact Jenny Baeseman (

APECS, IASC, SCAR, UArctic, and others are working together to create
a brochure to help young researchers enhance their polar research
careers. If you are interested in contributing with content, pictures,
or help in publishing, please contact Jenny.

If you are aware of any conferences or workshops coming up that you
would like to have an APECS event included, please let APECS know.

6. Call for stories and blogs for

On, we continue to track on-going IPY research activities and
to feature stories on past, current and future polar issues.  If you
have IPY research underway, or have an IPY story to share, please
contact Dave Carlson,

7. Archiving materials

Please consider saving IPY documents, media, presentations, videos,
emails, and other digital materials.  The IPO with the Canadian IPY
Secretariat at the University of Alberta and Scott Polar Research
Institute have developed a system for storing all these materials.
The system supports item-by-item or batch uploads or submissions with
an easy catalog process; it now needs contributions!  We hope that
many individuals and institutions will find this process useful and
helpful!  To contribute, or for more information, please email

8. Toward a Polar Information Commons

With planning money from ICSU, a group of IPY data leaders met with
partners from the ICSU Committee on Data for Science and Technology
(CODATA) and from Creative Commons, an international collaboration and
information sharing organization.  We discussed the shape and function
of a Polar Information Commons, a system and service to encourage and
facilitate data sharing in the polar science community after IPY.  The
group will produce a short overview and vision paper in the next few
weeks.  For more information, please contact Dave Carlson
( or Mark Parsons ( 

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