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Land and Life: Home
Land and Life: Summary
Flora, Fauna, and Ecology

Information for everyone:
Related IPY Projects
IPY projects that involve land and life in both the Arctic and Antarctica.
Meet The Scientists
Profiles of scientists studying Land and Life. Several are happy to be contacted.
Links and Resources
Links to organisations with content about polar land and life.
About International Polar Days
Learn about past and future Polar Days.

Information for educators:
Classroom activity ideas
Ideas for the classroom, in 17 languages!
Launch a Virtual Balloon
Add your balloon to a map of people marking International Polar Day.
Live Events
Students and teachers talk to scientists at the poles, live.

Press resources:
Press releases and images
Press releases and images for downloading.

Land and Life: Meet the Scientists

The following scientists are happy to be contacted by media and educators.

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Dr Byron Adams
image studies: image

Byron Adams is an associate professor in the Microbiology and Molecular Biology Department at Brigham Young University.  He works with Diana Wall