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LIMA project delivers new mosaic of Antarctica


A new satellite image of the Antarctic continent is now ready for all to see and use. The IPY Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica (LIMA) project has been completed and its stunning result is freely available for the first time today. Compiled from over 1000 Landsat scenes, the result is a 15-metre resolution, near seamless and cloudless image mosaic of the continent.

A team from NASA, the U.S. Geological Survey, the National science Foundation and the British Antarctic Survey have worked together for more than a year to produce this uniformly and rigorously processed surface reflectance dataset. In addition to providing scientists with a new tool for discovery and planning, LIMA also provides everyone with a previously unseen and realistic view of the continent.

Anyone interested in seeing the image mosaic and accessing the data should visit the LIMA website at and

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MARDUKSTATE, Dec 2nd, 2007:

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The United Nations can to you confirmed, the Antarctic has become from the South
Pole to 60th of latitude with effect from sovereignty area 31st October, 2007 of the Sovereign absolute
Monarchystate - State Kingdom of Marduk. The territory occupation is juridical international irrevocable.

The details experience them on November, 2007 under
the link:

Mr. Ban Ki-moon and the UN General Assembly President Mr. Kerim etc.- can the
juridical irrevocable Antartic occupation confirmed.

State Kingdom of Marduk

+++++++++++++++++++++End of msg************

Alex Gibert, Mar 21st, 2008:

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Thank’s. Now anyone with a computer and a Web connection can now travel to Antarctica.

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