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Lucia Simion: Return to Concordia

By Lucia Simion

Far away from traffic jams, polluted cities and rat races, one thousand people are getting ready to live a fantastic adventure on the most remote continent of the world: They are the over-wintering population of Antarctica. Inhabiting some 35 different permanent stations scattered across a continent twice as large as Europe, they will be alone on the ice, where they will experience the polar night, the austral auroras, the blizzards, the solitude and the confinement. They will be more isolated than the astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) as it is very hard to be evacuated from Antarctica during the polar night.

One of these stations is Concordia, where the overwintering began on February 1, 2008 for a crew of thirteen people from two different countries.


The Concordia station at Dome C, a remote location in the heart of the Antarctic (75

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Juan Kratzmaier, Feb 21st, 2008:

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Great article, miss Simion.  You’ve became an expert in Antarctica and in Dome C.  I would love to hear more stories like this one.

Stefano Berta, Feb 22nd, 2008:

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Does anybody know about a vacant position at DOME-C?

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