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NORCLIM: Northern High Latitude Climate Variability

imageNorthern High Latitude Climate variability during the past 2000 years:implications for human settlement. "NORCLIM investigates how natural climate change over the past two millenia has affected human presence in the Arctic. Examples are the timing of Viking settlement on the Faroer, Iceland, Greenland and Newfoundland and the shift in whaling activities from Spitsbergen to Davis Strait during the Little Ice Age. To achieve the NORCLIM goals, geologists, climatologists and archeologists from seven counties will carry out marine and terrestrial fieldwork on key locations along a Newfoundland-Spitsbergen transect.

Blogs of our Svalbard trip (in dutch, but with photographs and movies):
Verleden Noorderlicht

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Meet the Scientist

Simon Troelstra studied Geology at the VU University Amsterdam, where he also did his PhD research. At present he is associate professor at the department of Paleoclimatology and Geomorphology of this university. He is involved in the department’s sea-going research as (co-)chief scientist on expeditions to the Mediterranean, Atlantic/Indian Oceans and the Nordic Seas. Main research focus is on paleoceanography (foraminifera, stable isotopes) and the climate archives preserved in the shells of mollucs. Current projects involve the IPY NORCLIM project (expeditions to Newfoundland, Svalbard and Greenland), ENSO variability (Kalimantan), and monsoon variability (Loess Plateau, China).

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