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PlentyMag features IPY project SIKU


A feature in Plentymag this week features the IPY Project SIKU: Sea Ice Knowledge and Use.

“SIKU (the term, appropriately, is also the most common Eskimo/Inuit word for sea ice) is a consortium of projects involving research in more than 20 communities in Alaska, Canada, Russia, and Greenland. While researchers in each country are pursuing their own agendas and using different approaches, they are united under one common theme: recording indigenous knowledge of sea ice. Unlike many traditional research projects, which rely on data and measurements obtained directly by scientists, SIKU researchers are interested in the personal perspectives and observations of Arctic peoples. The Inuit, Inupiaq, Shaktoolik, and others have an intimate knowledge of sea ice because they spend up to eight months of the year surrounded by ice-covered terrain.”

For more information, please read the other SIKU blogs on, or the SIKU project page.

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