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Polar Oceans: Launch a Virtual Balloon

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Launch a virtual balloon to show your participation in this International Polar Day: Polar Oceans.

1. Food Web Activity

2. Launch your Virtual Balloon
To see your your balloon fly immediately, follow these simple steps:

1. Sign in to Tagzania
2. Select “Add point/route” (top right), then “Add a point”
3. Search for your location or click ‘Go directly to the map’ and zoom in to your area.
4. Drag the balloon to your precise location
5. Add the tag ipy2009polaroceans
6. Fill in your other details: name, description, photos, links....Click on ‘Save’
7. See your balloon appear on the Polar Oceans Balloon Launch Map.

If you have difficulty launching your balloon, email your name, location (latitude, longitude or town, country), and IPY message to It may be 24 hours, however, before your balloon appears.

Click on the balloons to see the pop-up text and pictures. Here is a preview:

IPY 2009: International Polar Day: Polar Oceans - activities around the world

The map is dynamically updated. As soon as a new location is tagged with “ipy2009polaroceans”, it will show up the next time it is refreshed. Try adding yours, and then refreshing this page. (Only the 200 most recent are shown, but all are listed.)

You can embed the map into any web page by creating a snippet of HTML code to copy and paste from this page.

If you’d like to keep in touch with future activities, please join the IPY Teachers Discussion Group.