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Polarstern: Storm coming

Written Saturday, 1 December

Today is our fourth day aboard Polarstern, and we are underway to our first station. The ship looks very different already. Containers have been emptied, instruments installed, some scientists are occupied with their tricky electronics, but so far we have mastered every problem. It is hard to believe how much we have already done, how many nice and interesting people we have met and how much scientific exchange has already taken place. I feel like I have been on board much longer than four days.


Some time in the morning I asked myself what day of the week it was. The answer was easy once I saw the menu of the day in the mess room, which announced several stews. That was a clear sign for Saturday, because stew or soup is the traditional Saturday meal on ships. On Fridays fish is served, and on Thursdays it is seaman

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