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Sea Ice Expeditions

September is a great time to study Sea Ice, in both the Arctic and the Antarctic. Below are details of three expeditions happening at the moment that welcome contact from press and educators.

Antarctic Sea Ice in IPY (ASPECT) (IPY Project 141)
ASPeCT has a number of associated expeditions investigating Sea Ice. These include:

SIPEX: Sea Ice Physics and Eco-system eXperiment

SIPEX website
International SIPEX flyer (44KB PDF)
SIPEX Press Release

This Australian led expedition to the Southern Ocean will be conducting a range of exciting experiments in the sea ice that surrounds the Antarctic continent during September and October 2007. The cruise involves 45 scientists from 8 different countries, as well as two teachers developing educational activities and real-time opportunities for classrooms around the world.

SIMBA: Sea Ice Mass Balance in the Antarctic Expedition to the Southern Ocean

CliC Marine Cryosphere program
This CLiC Sea Ice Summary is also available on the CLiC website. For hard copies, please contact

SOPHOCLES poster, a new project, focussing on sea ice.

DAMOCLES Expeditions (IPY Project ID 40)

DAMOCLES Press Release
including details of current Arctic expeditions on the following vessels: Polarstern, Tara, Akademik Fedorov, Lance, and Viktor Buinitskiy.

DAMOCLES (Developing Arctic Modeling and Observing Capabilities for Long-term Environmental Studies) is an integrated ice-atmosphere-ocean monitoring and forecasting system designed for observing, understanding and quantifying climate changes in the Arctic. DAMOCLES is specifically concerned with the potential for a significantly reduced sea ice cover, and the impacts this might have on the environment and on human activities, both regionally and globally.

The DAMOCLES projects is collecting data from a variety of locations, including floating platforms, ships, aeroplanes, and satellites. DAMOCLES expeditions, occurring now include:

---- Polarstern

Weekly reports
Polarstern ship’s track.
(This includes the ships position, current meteorological data, and a Google Earth overlay..)
Polarstern webcam images.

Contact In Germany (German/English):
, Tel: +49 (0)471 - 4831-1820

On the RV Polarstern, in the Arctic Ocean:
Contact to Ursula Schauer onboard RV Polarstern can be facilitated by press officer .


The polar schooner, Tara, is drifting on the Arctic pack ice for two years. On board, scientists take turns to study the effects of the climate warming. For more information, please visit the Tara Website or download these articles:
Tara Journal 1
Tara Journal 2

Press and Educators can also arrange direct interviews with the crew about life on the ice by contacting and .

ANDRILL (IPY project 256)

ANDRILL is a multinational science group drilling geologic sediment cores from the ocean floor under the sea ice in the Ross Sea. Although the project is not studying sea ice specifically, an understanding of its dynamics is essential. The drill has been specially designed to drill through the sea ice and then through the water column to the sea floor.

The rock cores offer a

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