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Seeking Answers Beneath the ice: Dr Cynan Ellis Evans on Antarctic Sub-glacial Lakes

Vostok Station

SciencePoles recently interviewed Dr Cynan Ellis Evans of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) on the subject of Antarctic sub-glacial lakes: Large bodies of water that have accumulated beneath the vast ice sheet of Antarctica.

In his interview, Dr Ellis Evans answers questions about how these lakes formed, how they are being studies, and what their significance is for Polar researchers including glaciologists, geologists, biologists, and paleo-climatologists. In addition, he sheds light on the nature of the international effort to research these lakes, and addresses more contentious issues around the risk of contamination when drilling into such pristine environments.

In conclusion, Dr Ellis-Evans tells us how what started as studying a very specific sub-glacial environment will end up giving us a much broader understanding of Antarctica as a whole.

Photo: Vostok Station - Courtesy of Dr Cynan Ellis Evans

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