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Sneak preview of Ice Station Antarctica


Things are hotting up here at the Natural History Museum. Ice Station Antarctica opens in less than two months and stuff is arriving thick and fast. There are oxygen tanks in the office, penguins in the freezer and graphics flying around like confetti. Yesterday morning I was over at AllofUs trying out the interactive prototypes. Later on we watched a video of our Ice Station Commander briefing visitors. The photo is a sneak preview of the graphics. This is one of my favourite panels. It appears early on in the attraction and is designed to stop visitors being disappointed by the lack of polar bears inside!

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Jenny Baeseman, Mar 27th, 2007:

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This picture should be on billboards all over the world!  Keep up the great work!

Jeff K, Mar 30th, 2007:

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I have pointed this out every Christmas to the Coca-Cola people who put penguins and polar bears together in their ads, but they don’t seem to want to return my calls.

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