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Hayley Hung writes:

To everyone’s surprise, it was and still is extremely stormy today.  The weather forecast said 25 C and sunny!!  It was in fact raining with ice pellets, cloudy and 30 knots of wind gusting to 40+ knots.  The ship was rocking back and forth like a leaf!  Many people felt dizzy.  All the rosette work was cancelled.  When lowering a mooring, one of the shackles broke, losing part of the mooring to the bottom of the ocean.  Luckily, this part was replaceable.  There is a strong low pressure over the Beaufort Sea area as INCATPA team member, meteorologist Jianmin Ma, indicated in his comments on the blog earlier.  We may need to move further back into the gulf but the Amundsen

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Lucy Calderon, Aug 1st, 2008:

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Hello Dra. Hung, what a good picture that you took.  I had the oppotunity to be aborad the Amundsen two weeks ago, and I can imagine the movement of the ship.  There was a day that we have more or less the same experience.  The waves were 2.5 meters high. 
Also, it is nice to meet you, because I met Fiona Wong, she was also measuring POP

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