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Subglacial Antarctic Lake Environments (SALE) - 2008 progress report

Subglacial Antarctic Lake Environments (SALE)
2008 Progress Report

The SCAR Scientific Research Program (SRP) on Subglacial Antarctic Lake Environments (SALE) made significant advances on several fronts in 2008. SALE promotes, facilitates and champions international cooperation to better understand subglacial aquatic environments in Antarctica. In addition, SALE promotes and advances all aspects of environmental stewardship in research and exploration of these unique settings. SALE is a recognized IPY program under the auspices of the SALE-UNified International Team for Exploration and Discovery (SALE-UNITED) program. The SALE website contains details on all facets of the Program ( SALE produces an email digest mailing that circulates weekly highlights of subglacial lake research and related topics to more than 150 scientists world-wide.

SALE facilitates partnerships and cooperation. Members of SALE are funded through their national programmes to conduct the science of SALE. SALE funding from SCAR allows for the convening of a yearly meeting. As such, the achievements of SALE are produced by a cohort of national efforts. Knowledge of subglacial aquatic environments has reached a level where major proposals are now being submitted for funding by individual national programs beyond remote surveys. These proposed research projects, if funded, will sample subglacial systems in compliance with current environmental protocols. Data obtained from these projects will provide the basis for future research and discovery. The following highlights two recent proposals (one funded and one pending) and updates that status of drilling activities at Vostok Station:

1. Subglacial Lake Ellsworth:  In Dec 2008, UK-NERC awarded funding for the direct access, measurement and sampling of Subglacial Lake Ellsworth. This

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