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Update for Project Coordinators: May


1.  Introduction to Monthly Reports
2.  Information and Resources on the IPY web site
3.  SCAR/IASC Open Science Conference, July 2008
4.  Youth Networks

FROM:  IPY International Programme Office
TO: IPY Project Coordinators

1.  Introduction

Several project coordinators have expressed a desire for more communication from the IPY Office.  This IPY Report conveys (we hope) useful and timely information to the Coordinators of each of the IPY Projects.  We welcome suggestions for content and improvement. 

We will send this by direct email from IPO using a Google Group, approximately monthly.  Project Coordinators should redistribute these reports among their Project partners.  Or, Project Coordinators can direct their partners to the Projects Google Group by signing up at:

We will also post all these reports to the IPY web site, as they are published, and under the Participants section. 

Please note: We maintain one Project list (group) that includes all Projects, Arctic and Antarctic, Science and Education.  We will not send reports to specific regions or specific groups.  Some items in this message and in subsequent reports may have more relevance to some Projects than to others, but we hope to keep all Projects equally informed. 

2.  Project Information and other Resources on the IPY Web Site

The IPY web site,, contains a sortable, searchable list of every endorsed IPY Project.  We hope Projects will use the web site in several ways!

First, please check the information on your Project page (see Projects at the top of  Ideally, we would like a short (media-friendly) summary, a picture, and a link to your Project web site.  Please send any updates to Rhian at

Second, please consider making regular contributions to the IPY news, announcements and blogs on the IPY home page.  We hope to have many fresh entries, and a different highlight, each day.  Those materials come from many sources, but primarily (we hope) directly from the projects themselves.  You, as Project Coordinator, do NOT need to write the materials yourself

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