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USNPS: U.S. National Park Service- Beringian Arctic

imageUnderstanding environmental change in national parks and protected areas of the Beringian Arctic This proposal outlines a suite of integrated activities to be implemented by the US National Park Service, cooperating agencies, institutions, and individuals during International Polar Year 2007-2009. These projects are focused on the Beringian Arctic, including Alaska and adjacent areas of Chukotka and the Yukon Territory. Resources of several existing NPS programs, and possibly other programs to be identified, will be coordinated and focused to accomplish the projects described herein. Implementation planning is underway for several projects described above, including Vital Signs monitoring, science conferences in Alaska and Chukotka, and one focused journal issue. Several additional projects will be selected through competitive review of funding proposals beginning in the fall of 2005 (one to two years prior to project implementation).

Climate Change in Alaska’s National Parks

NPS Alaska Region Inventory and Monitoring program

Beringinan Heritage International Park Program

Western Airborne Contaminants Assessment Project

Park Science in the Arctic - Alaska Park Science Symposium 2008

Press Releases:

Climate Change Issue of Alaska Park Science focuses on Disappearing Lakes and Reappearing Artifacts

Repeat Photography Completed for Southwest Alaska Park Units

Photography project Reveals Changing Kenai Fjords

The Shamrock Glacier in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, Alaska, USA, has receded about 2 miles from its 1928 position near its terminal moraine.  Some newly exposed morainal surfaces are now vegetated.  1928 photograph by Stephen R. Capps.  2004 repeat photography by M. Torre Jorgenson.