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Weather Balloons in Antarctica

In the lead-up to the December 4th Above The Poles Day, Tamsin Gray tells us about her job launching weather balloons in Antarctica. This is connected to the IPY Weather Observation Activity.

imageimage: Dean Evans, Halley Research Station, Antarctica

Tamsin Gray works for the British Antarctic Survey as a meteorological observer. Here she tells us a bit about her job, and weather observation in Antarctica. To find out more, join Tamsin on the Above The Poles Live Event.


Every day, at the same time, a weather balloon is launched at more than 800 sites around the world. Sixteen of those sites are in or around Antarctica where daily weather balloon launches have been carried out at many bases since the IGY in 1956/7.

Last year it was my job to launch the daily balloon at Halley Research Station on the Brunt Ice Shelf on the coast of Antarctica (that

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