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The Norwegian-US Scientific Traverse of East Antarctica - Part 2

Sep 2, 2008 | Run Time: 05:55

Getting Ready

The three weeks at Troll Station are a blur of all-important activities. Erecting the science tent on a sled that will keep the researchers out of the wind as they process snow samples and ice cores. Tens of ice core boxes need pre-labeling, to save time en route. The safety officer drills them on crevasse rescue techniques, but there's time for a birthday party for the Norwegian camp manager who is planning the menu to keep the team warm and happy en route. Hurricane force winds of more than 100 mph confine the team inside, where they test equipment. It's also time to try on Glen Liston's unique "nose mitts" - he's made one for every member of the team. Watch now to see why Atsu thinks he looks like a duck!

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