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Climate Driven Change in the Northern Bering Sea

Sep 2, 2008 | Run Time: 06:00

Chief scientist Jackie Grebmeier's May-June cruise aboard the USCGC HEALY looked at climate change and its impact on the local marine ecosystem, from the smallest creatures to those farther up the food chain. Also on board, and leading off our report, Perry Pungowiyi, a Siberian Yupik who's been noticing changes in the abundance of sea-ice, and the timing of its appearance and disappearance. See a seal census, with white-clad NOAA researchers (for camouflage) jumping from ice floe to ice floe. Hear from the researchers how a changing environment impacts all the inhabitants of the narrow ocean that stretches between Alaska and Siberia, till now one of the most productive seas in the world, and a major fishery on which the USA depends. Meet the inhabitants of this aquatic "neighborhood", as Jackie describes it, and learn what makes it tick... and change.

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